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Precious Pet Tips
  1. Hair length
    Pets with naturally longer hair require more frequent and more involved grooming than animals with short hair. Keep this in mind if you are looking forward to adding a fluffy face to your family.
  2. Clean Your Pet's Teeth
    It's easy to take a pet's dental health for granted. Make sure that you are having your cat or dog's teeth cleaned regularly. Also, invest in food or treats that will naturally help reduce plaque build-up.
  3. The Right Accessories
    Not all pets are the same. It's important to consider your pet's breed, age, and health obstacles when selecting accessories and treats. Speak with a pet professional, such as a groomer or vet to learn more.
  4. Professional Grooms
    Precious Paws hires only grooming professionals. Do not be fooled by some of the corporate chains that often hire inexperienced groomers. your pet deserves the best.
  5. Flea Protection
    Fleas and ticks are little, but they can be a big problem for pets that spend time outside. Depend on our team of friendly and helpful pet experts to help you select a solution that works best for your special pet.
  6. Quality Pet Toys
    Treat your pet with a toy that he or she will be sure to adore. You'll have access to a wide variety of premium pet toys at affordable prices.
  7. Healthy Treats
    Keep your pet happy and healthy well into the future by purchasing healthy treats. You can count on our pet professionals to help you select the right treats for your pet.
  8. Leashes & Collars
    Find affordable collars and leashes that are quality made and designed to make your pet comfortable and fashionable.

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